How to get rid of Ants ?

Okay so I my family and I just moved into our new house LAST NIGHT. We barely have any of our stuff in yet, but this morning when we woke up they were literally ants everywhere. In the carpet upstairs , in the bathrooms, on the hardwood downstairs , and all over the kitchen mainly. What should we do ? Do we call our landlord? How can we get rid of them for the time being ? Thank you.

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  • Cinnamon works great for a natural remedy (also leaves a pleasant scent in your home), get sticks of cinnamon and lay then where you notice the ants enter or collect. Just be sure to replace then every other week as they will stale and not be effective anymore.

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  • Wow your mom and dad sure had a lot of sisters.

  • Yes, call the land lord. If the place is infested with ants the land lord needs to get it sprayed.

  • Call a pest control company.

  • call a exterminator

  • I think you should call your landlord, but some rental agreements stipulate that pest control is your problem. I’ve had lots of ants in my house and I use a product from Home Depot called home defense. Its safe to spray around the house, its safe for pets when it dries, and its safe to use in the kitchen too. I use it both indoors and outdoors and it does a really good job killing ants and black widow spiders. I believe it costs around $10 for a huge container of it…and it has a spray nozzle so its easy to use.

  • Boric acid. You can get it at any drugstore. Put lines of it along the floorboards and anywhere you think they’re getting in. They eat it and it kills them.

  • call a exterminator

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