How to get rid of mushroom hair(poofy)?

I have long hair for a guy but the main problem is it’s usually poofy and looks like a mushroom…

To counter this I’ve been wearing a beanie when I sleep so for the whole day yes it is flat, and okay however it’s to perfect.. Someone even told me it’s like someone stuck a bowl or helmet some-what…

I want to get rid of the poofy look but I don’t want it to end up looking like it’ so perfectly flat it looks like a helmet… Is their anyway I can keep it flat and have somewhat of a defined or messy look to it rather then just a helmet…

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  • I have hair prone to frizz. It can become an afro.


    1. Cut down on the frequency of washing your hair, probably no more than once a week. Poofy hair means it’s dry and washing often strips it of its natural oil. Hair doesn’t get that dirty. Sometimes you’re just sweaty, so all you have to do is just run water to rinse the salt out, unless you have a lot of hair products in it. Condition your hair tho at least twice a week starting from the ends to the root. If you have an oily scalp, you’ll have to brush your hair more often to get the oils thru and condition the ends.

    2. After washing/conditioning your hair, let it air dry. Use the most absorbing towel and BLOT, not rub your hair. Then let it dry. If you have to style it, just comb it and leave it alone. DONT EVER BRUSH WET HAIR, YOU CAN BREAK YOUR HAIR OFF. You might comb your hair while you have conditioner in it to get the tangles out, but after your rinse it out and have one last comb thru, don’t touch it again, it’ll cause frizz.

    3. At night before sleeping, either wear a satin sleep cap or use a satin pillowcase to keep your hair from breaking off or absorbing oil and getting dry. if your hair is too long, then you can either braid it (if you know how) or just pinning up your hair then putting the sleep cap on. a beanie will just absorb any oil you have in your hair and make it dry. Get a satin sleep cap at the beauty supply.

  • Mushroom Top Hair

  • You could flat iron it or put gel in it! I have to either straighten mine or put gel on it! If i dont is poofy! lol But im a girl.

    Hope i helped!

  • try a mild sprinkling of powdered laundry soup interior the aspects the mushrooms are growing to be. in case you get the powder down too heavy, dilute it ceremony away with a mild spry of water This works for me and is extra ecosystem friendly.

  • easy : ) and you dont even have to use heat or a flat iron. go to a barber or even better for your situation, a hair dresser and ask her/him to “thin it out” they know exactly what that means. i dont know what they do but it takes away all that bushy volume. my brother gets his hair thinned out and it doesnt make it flat, but it makes it less poofy, frizzy, and volumed

  • You can try a flat iron :/

  • Mist it with Water, & comb it through. Works for Me. 🙂

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