How to get rid of the stuff that makes your feet turn black when you walk on the carpet?

Okay, my 2yr old tends to drop food on the ground, and I’m starting to find (possibly cause of it) that when we walk on the carpet in bare feet, we get black stuff on our feet.. How do I get rid of this in the carpet? I don’t have flash stuff.. I do have a vacuum but I suspect that I’d need more than this.. Please help?

*sigh* I HAVE a vacuum cleaner, and I do vacuum (every day) but over time food crumbs (Like anywhere else) will get trapped in the loops of the carpet… Flash stuff is like steam mops etc.

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  • You can shampoo your carpet with a wet’n’dry vacuum such as aquavac or vax and you could also try a steam cleaner. Personally, I prefer the wet’n’dry option. It leaves the carpet clean and it will be dry in just a few hours. Use a proper carpet shampoo. Other detergents will clean the carpet but without the protective additive “Scotchguard” the carpet will be dirty again in no time.

  • It does sound like your carpet needs a good deep cleaning and perhaps you could use a better vacuum it sounds to me like you are getting dust/dirt on your feet, i would reccomend

    1. A new vacuum, go for a bagged one they are much healthier and require less maintainence now depending on your budget the Hoover Tempo (~60) is a good carpet cleaner but has a short tool hose the Eureka Smartvac is a solidly built machine as well (~120) but if you want great carpet cleaning you can go with a Sanitaire (100-300)Kirby (cheaper used) or Royal

    2. Either Rent or purchase a carpet cleaner If you rent i know the Rug Doctor with the Oxi Formula gets the CRI (carpet and rug institute) platinum award. If you want to purchase a machine i would reccomend a Rug doctor or a Hoover Steamvac with spinscrub

    Hope it helps

  • If your feet are turning black when you walk on the carpet, it is in need of a good steam cleaning. Your vacuum alone isn’t going to get the grime up. Then start feeding your 2 year old at the table only.

  • What do you MEAn–you don’t have a vacuum and you have carpet? Knock Knock

    And you have a 2 year old and no vacuum and carpet. Knock knock

    Your carpet is probably infested with mold, but at the very least, you need to rent a commercial Rug Doctor and deep clean it.

    What the H is ‘flash stuff?’

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  • Get the carpets cleaned.

    Just like the rest of us.

  • Rent a steam cleaner and make your kid eat at the table. Teach your kid rules, so they are not arrested at 16.

  • ugh! do not invite ME to dinner, get a carpet shampoo, yer dirty cow

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