How to harmonize a melody/chorale?

I know all about chords, cadences etc. But I want some tips on how to make the voice leading and resolutions perfect.

The main task is to create a convincing harmonic progression

How do I know which progression will be optimal for a melody or soprano line

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  • TIPS????? This is the entire crux of a theory class that lasts at least a full academic year. Go buy the Gradus Ad Parnassum book by Fux. As a paperback, it is less than a half inch thick. READ THE WHOLE BOOK. Learn something. And if you are taking the AP Theory exam in NY – pray that I am not on the grading panel.

  • I think a progression that would work is a major chord, then a minor chord, then a 2nd/7th (dissonance) and a major/ minor chord. This is standard in most choral pieces, however, if you want to be original, don’t be afraid. Also, a bit of research could go a long way. (I am only 12 and in no position to give you advice, although I am an experienced professional musician and actress.) Good luck with your piece! xx

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