How to Hold a kitten Properly?

Sometimes I just either make him feel weird or hurt him.

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  • Okay, it is important to hold a kitten properly, but it doesn’t hurt him that much.

    Using your right hand (if you are right-handed) grip gently just behind is front legs. And using your left hand scoop him up by his rump (make sure his tail is tucked between his legs) There you go! Hoped that helped! And remember, never pick up a cat or kitten by the scruff!

    Have fun!!!!!!

  • How To Hold A Kitten

  • Support him from underneath so you are taking all his weight on your left hand (or if he’s bigger your hand and forearm) and use the right hand to rest gently on his back so that he knows he won’t fall. Hold him gently fairly close to your body so that he feels quite secure.Some cats like to be held facing you and some prefer to be sideways on. You’ll soon see which sort he is. When you get the feel of this and are confident you can gently stroke his head and back with the right hand, but finish each stroke in the position you started with supporting his back, so he still feels safe. As soon as he shows signs of wanting to go down, put him gently on the floor. Never hold him against his will if you want him to enjoy being held. If he is hurt he will try to avoid the experience happening again, so its good that you want to do it so he enjoys it.

  • You should probably gently pick the kitten up,then bring one hand to the kittens end of his back,and support the upper part of the back.Or you could pick him up,support his end,then let him peek over your shoulder.It can also depend what your cat likes,but these are safe ways to hold a kitten.When seeing whcih way he likes to be held,sit on the ground,so if he falls,it wont hurt him.

  • ok, at first tempting the cat with nutrition grow to be probable your ultimate guess, yet through fact that isn’t artwork, communicate soothingly to them by applying their hiding place. greater desirable than probable, they gets used to you in a pair of days to a week. i’m uncertain how previous the kittens are so i do no longer recognize their length, yet for many kittens and cats the right thank you to %. them up is to place on are suitable in the back of their front legs and scoop up that is decrease back legs consisting of your loose hand and carry it like that.

  • Hi there i was always taught to hold my kitten by putting one hand underneath him by his front legs and the other hand around his back end thereby totally supporting his weight.

  • i always hold a kitten by putting it up against my body so it feels secure and putting my hand underneath its back feet

  • “In general it is best for humans not to pick up kittens before they are 2 weeks old. From 2 – 4 weeks old only brief handling is recommended, as this often puts stress on the cat and the mother. If you are trying to pick up and hold a young kitten you can pick it up by the loose skin or scruff at the back of its neck. This is how their mothers move them around. If done right, it won’t hurt them because they do not weigh much and their neck skin is really loose. Never pick up grown cats in this way because you can hurt them.

    One of the safest ways to pick up a grown cat or a kitten, is to approach the animal from the side. Take one hand and place it palm up (or 4 fingers up) on the belly right behind the front legs. Then take the other hand palm up, cross over the cats back and place it under the cats belly in front of the hind legs. Then pull the whole cat close to your body.This gives the cat a lot of support and makes it feel secure.

    Never pick up a cat by its tail or by its legs. It is dangerous to the cat (possible dislocation) and the cat can easily scratch you.

    Don’t let young children (under 6) try to pick up cats or kittens, as their jagged movements are likely to startle the cat and they risk getting scratched. It is much better for an adult to pick up the cat and let the child stroke its back.” (1)

    “Holding a kitten is an important part of your relationship with your pet. You want your pet to feel comfortable around you, especially when you’re holding it. Ideally, you’ll hold your kitten in your arms while it purrs itself to sleep. That’s the relationship every pet owner hopes to have.

    Holding your pet properly helps you most effectively establish a positive relationship with your pet. If you hold your pet properly, you’ll be able to groom your pet, give it medicine, and clip its nails

    most easily. That’s a tip that any pet owner who’s experienced the kicking, whining and scratching can appreciate.

    When you pick up a kitten, the worst thing you can do is to pick it up by the fur on the back of its neck. You don’t want to allow your cat to dangle ever. You want it to feel fully supported by you at all times. The best thing to do is to put one of your hands under its chest and let it sit on your other hand, while you sweep it off the floor. You want to be firm but gentle while you pick up your pet.

    The best ways to hold a kitten is to allow it to be held against your chest or shoulder. Let it feel comfortable resting up against you as it relies on your strong body for support. Allow it to cuddle up against you and relax. If you start petting its fur, you’ll notice it start purring in comfort and delight.

    Kittens who aren’t used to you may feel anxiety when being picked up. They need to trust you and know that you aren’t going to do any harm to them. You’ll know when the cat is stressed if it whines or scratches when you’re handling it. There are ways you can keep the cat from being overly stressed, however. You may want to try cupping the palm of your hand over its eyes and ears as you help it release its stress by not being able to see that it’s not on the floor anymore. Again, the worst thing you can do when picking up a cat is what we’ve always heard is the best way to pick it up. Cats don’t want to have the fur on the back of their necks grabbed and be dangling over the floor. This can provide them with the greatest anxiety.” (2)

    Notice the difference between holding a cat and a kitten (kittens are baby cats, cats are grown cats)

  • if it’s small enough you can gently grab it’s scruff but support it’s bottom with your other hand, don’t hang it’s full weight by the skin of it’s neck and never do this with a bigger cat… i would put my hand on it’s chest and my other hand on it’s rump to carry it

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