How to make Jello not stick to the pan?

after chilling the jello in the fridge i cut it into pieces.. but i can’t get it out without literally scraping it off the pan.

10 Answers

  • cooking spray.


  • Before adding the Jell-o to the pan, lightly grease the pan with spray or oil or solid shortening. Then, when the Jell-o is set, run a sharp knife along the top edge of it to loosen it. Then, dip it in warm water for a few seconds (10-15) and turn it onto a cutting board. Then, cut it and serve.

  • Fill your sink with hot water. Dip the pan into the water up to the level of the Jello. It should slide out. You can spray the pan with cooking spray next time to prevent sticking.

  • if you chill the Jello in a ceramic or glass dish that’s been lined with cling-wrap all will work well, I do this all the time. YUM Jello squares πŸ™‚

  • run hot water over the pan it will come out

  • Butter The Botom With A LiTTLE oN tHe NaPkIiN .. =]

  • I agree with Kat H hot water will do the trick!

  • Use PAM its a cooking spray πŸ™‚

    Source(s): Food network πŸ˜‰
  • lite coat of pam

  • spray it with cooking spray

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