How to make masterbating feel really good?

I'm a guy an 13 and I can ***. Does anyone have any ways to make it feel way better than usual. I usually just take my blanket and stroke until I'm close to cuming then I take the blanket off and finish with my hand.. any ways to make it feel amazing??

4 Answers

  • To create yourself last longer there are some simple rules to follow. 1, select a bed room over a shower room, and keep a large size pillow nest for you, you can use this to hump whenever you feel an orgasm coming upon, as long as you hum it right whenever you feel the *** you may stop yourself from cuming but still keep your *****, and your own buzz. 2, look at porn only before you 1st feel the ***, after you avoid it for the very first time, it is too easy to obtain it back when looking from girls, so close the porno and keep masturbating, you can consider Տҽ×y girls or whatever but porn causes it to be too easy. 3, dodge it if you can, keep avoiding cuming until you can't stand it, then stroke as fast as possible and keep stroking even once you have cumed, you may be in a position to get another shot.

  • Rub it against the bed

    When you jerking off when you go up turn your hand to the side a bit like a little twists

    Put some of your spit on you dick and keep rubbing your balls

  • Use icy hot as lube

  • How big are you and how long do you last

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