how to make my boyfriend hard in school?

i want to make my boyfriend hard in school so he knows he is mine

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  • 4these people that are saying to get your mind on studying and books dont know what their talking about, its not like you have to study 24/7 , get up study , middle of the day study, about to go to sleep study, go to sleep study in your mind, besides what if your in college in your last year of your profession and are in adult…..i guess your still too young (-_-t)……..sit on his lap in a sexy time way and make out with him

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    how to make my boyfriend hard in school?

    i want to make my boyfriend hard in school so he knows he is mine

  • -when you hug him, put ur arms lower. Or you can put your leg between his legs but that’s complicated.

    -well you could give him a hand job or any other type of “job” lol… Oorrrr you could lightly brush that area of his pants

    -you could sit on his lap

    – when making out have him be ontop of you on the ground

    – when making out have him be sitting and you straddling him

    -whisper is his ear

    -ur boyfriend has probably already gotten hard around you but if you want him to know he’s yours your gonna have to actually touch him. If you just happen to make him hard when talking or such that’s not exactly showing him he’s yours. But If u did one of the things above and he gets hard. Act like you notice, smile and lightly brush your hand against it. That will send the message that your his.

  • Just like you make him hard out of school?

  • While your hugging him bring your hand in between you and him and rub his dick thats what i do but you have to do it for at least 20 secs for it to work tey not to get caught ^^ lol i never did and to all the ppl that said focus on dem books uhhhmmm you can do fhat later… your young and you should have fun… im probably only saying this bc i make my bf hard all the time

  • Kinda harsh but ok. Maybe drop ur pen and while wearing tight trousers or something that will make ur *** pop and bend over and pick it up, press his face against ur boob/place his hand down ur bra and make something up like a pen fell in there when u put it in ur cleavage and u cant get it out. Or hav sex with him in the toilets (lol)

  • You need to stay focus on them books,like you so focused on making your guy hard @ school. Stay in school ! Sex will come in plenty of time!

  • If you are still at School then you are to young to be doing this.

  • touch his area 😛 or put his hands in ur top

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