How to make my tap water colder?

My tap water gets really hot but only gets lukewarm at best when running cold. If I get a glass of water to drink I always have to put ice in it, which sucks because lazy people around here don’t always fill ice cube trays. Is there any way I could adjust something somewhere to make my tap water come out colder?

5 Answers

  • Sorry, tap water comes straight from the city’s lines. Hot water goes through a hot water heater, but the cold lines are not really cold, just unheated.

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  • Pour some tap water into a pitcher. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator. In a few hours you’ll have cold water. At night replenish the pitcher so you will have cold water the next day.

  • I am not aware of cold water that goes anywhere other then from the ground to the tap. Follow your pipes, see if there was some mistake when the house was first plumbed.

  • If you have access to the pipes you could insulate them. Insulation for pipes is relatively cheap and easy to install.This will also keep the pipes from sweating and dripping on anythiing below them.

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