how to make my voice melodious?

hii i’m 17 yr old gal.. i luv singing nd hav been takin’ voice lessons since an year.. i can sing .. but the main problem iz i dnt hav emotions in my voice.. nd it doesn’t sounds melodious too?? what shld i do 2 make it sound melodious?

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  • I’ve participated in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 2009, and been among the top 54. So from my experience there, I think first of all you have to consider a few already-existing factors:

    1) Heredity of music, i.e, either father, mother, or grandparents should have the habit of singing, not necessarily trained, but they must have liking and passion for music.

    2)Tonal Quality: you must consider the genre of music in accordance with your voice quality. If it is crackish (Rani Mukherjee type) then you can go for ‘soul’ genre. If it is quite continuous and clear (Akriti Kakkar/Alisha Chinoy/Monali Thakur type) then you should go for pure Indian Classical/Semi-classical. If your tonal quality is heavy (Sunidhi Chauhan type), you’d better try Western classical.

    After considering these, you should also see to it that you

    -Practice regularly. Morning time is best for practice, but you can do it any time according to your convenience, as I do.

    -Try staying away from rock/heavy metal/indie-pop genres as psychology says that those who listen to these genres become mentally depressed, and may develop a nonchalant attitude towards life. This means emotional instability may occur, which leads to decline in singing abilities.

    -Stay away from outdoor sports which demand shouting and screaming, and never shout too loudly in school sports events even when your team is playing. Raise your hands and wave as much as you want to, but DON’T shout or scream.

    -Try to reach the lowest possible note in the just-awakened state of your voice. start from lower Sa to upper Sa and then back to lower Sa, continuing lower down to Ni, Dha, Pa, Ma, Ga, Re and the ‘Mandra’ Sa.

    -Avoid cold drinks, frozen desserts, ice-creams as much as possible.

    All the best!


  • Get up early in the morning take deep breath

    Do yoga for our vocal power. Do pranayam and gargal ur mouth with lukewarm salt water.

  • A year isn’t very long to have been having lessons. Keep having lessons and see what happens in another year or two.

  • sometimes it cones naturally

    answer mine please

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