How to pair Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices?

If we talk about Bluetooth, we typically refer to it as a low-energy wireless link between two computers. The first thing comes in our mind that How to pair Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices? In other words, a single wire substitution and that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you consider wireless headphones.

Bluetooth is most likely used as a two-way link between your smartphone. And your preferred pair of wireless earphones, enabling you to stream audio and send basic control commands (such as skipping audio tracks or answering/ending phone calls) back and forth. Or maybe you use Bluetooth headphones connected to your device for two-way contact via Skype or Discord.

Headphones with Bluetooth are the way of the day. The iPhone 7 did away with the headphone port, and as USB-C gains traction, other vendors have expected to follow suit. Yeah, the most significant benefit is that they keep wires out of the way—but there’s another benefit in a function called “Multipoint” that’s frequently overlooked. We are going to learn how to pair Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices? But before that, we need to know different things given below;

What are Bluetooth multipoint and multipoint headphones?

How to pair Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices?

With the introduction of Bluetooth 4.0 in 2010, Bluetooth multipoint has released. In wireless audio, multipoint requires a single headset to connect to at least two source devices simultaneously (e.g., a laptop and smartphone).

A system must accept both A2DP and HFP/HSP connections for audio streaming and talk to operate. Many systems can only accommodate a phone and machine connection, while others can support two phone connections simultaneously.

It depends entirely on the Bluetooth profiles that have been enabled. Originally, Bluetooth multipoint has designed for commercial use. For example, if you have multiple works phones and use them to answer phone calls, Bluetooth multipoint will be helpful, so you might be on one call while receiving updates for the other.

How to use Bluetooth multipoint headphones?

To use Bluetooth multipoint headphones, attach the headphones to several devices—though this is more difficult than it seems. As I hooked my Sennheiser Momentum 2.0s to my computer, for example, they immediately avoided attempting to connect to other gadgets.

Any time I turned them on, they’d start looking for my number. I even figured my Mac’s Bluetooth has been disabled for a while because it couldn’t locate my headphones.

I discovered that I needed to bring the Momentum headphones into “pair mode” after reading the instruction manual. This entailed clicking and holding a button for five seconds. They could connect to new devices until they were in pair mode. It won’t be the same with any pair of headphones, so if yours helps multipoint and your other devices can’t find them, review the manual to see what you need to do to attach them to different devices same time.

You’re good to go after you’ve attached your headphones to more than one gadget, such as your phone and computer. As desired, your headphones will automatically switch between the two. If you’re listening to music on your machine when your phone rings, the music will stop playing, and the headphones will fit on your phone. Hang up, hit play on your phone, and you’ll be back to work while listening to Bieber.

Limitations of Bluetooth multipoint headphones

Bluetooth multipoint does not always indicate that you can concurrently access media from two computers. Few headsets properly support this, and most restrict you to designating one device as a media player and the other as a notification device.

Other smartphones, such as the Sony WH-1000XM4, only support AAC Bluetooth multipoint networking. It’s a mixed bag, and it’s something the brand copy barely addresses.

Multipoint is impossible to live without now that I’ve experienced it: it allows me to listen to music and get messages on my laptop while keeping an eye on my phone, which is almost always in another room, for incoming calls. It prioritizes a link to a device accepting an incoming call over a watching YouTube video.

How to pair Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices?

Is it possible to pair Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices simultaneously? Observe 7 in comparison, and Mike Chuin wrote the piece, Mobile, Bluetooth.

There are so many Bluetooth-enabled accessories on the market that it’s easy to lose track of how the hardware binds them. We often choose to use peripherals simultaneously, which might or may not function, leading many users to ask whether Bluetooth will connect to many devices at the same time.

Smartphones and notebooks with Bluetooth capabilities can attach to several devices at the same time. The new Bluetooth five standards enable up to seven devices to link to a primary computer in active mode at the same time. Some Bluetooth accessories can use the same Bluetooth profile or features, resulting in a dispute.

Profiles are a series of features that each Bluetooth computer has. When two or more devices with the same operating profile have connected, the primary computer requires the user to pick which one to use.

If you want to connect your phone to three audio Bluetooth systems, you must first configure it:

Tap Build number seven times in a row (enter the lock screen password if necessary) before “You are now a developer!” appears in Settings > Device > about the phone. Return to the System screen, select Developer options > Maximum connected Bluetooth audio devices, and change the value as appropriate. It would be best if you restarted your phone. Then you’ll be able to use three to seven audio Bluetooth systems at the same time.

How to connect two Bluetooth headphones to Android and other devices? Or how to pair Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices?

How to pair Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices?

It’s no joke. Everyone these days wears headphones. People love music, and this accessory allows them to hear it in an exclusive and personalized way. There’s a wide range of models available, each with its own set of features and all ready to connect to your computer. Usually, a pair of headphones for your computer is appropriate, but what happens when that isn’t the practice?

Technology is all about knocking down walls, and Bluetooth technology is no different. We know that using Bluetooth can connect multiple devices to a single pair of headphones, but can we do the opposite? Is it possible to link several pairs to a computer at the same time? Yes, it’s a big yes.


We have been urgently trying to figure out how to attach two Bluetooth headphones to our Android phones simultaneously, particularly when we want our friends to have the same kind of listening experience we do when watching videos with our fabulous and high-quality headphones.

If you own an Android smartphone, be mindful that w will grant your wish. A system like a Samsung Galaxy S8 should allow you to attach two or more headphones. Keep an eye on how the pairing has shaped.

You start by turning on Bluetooth on your cell, then pairing it with one pair of headphones, then another. When all connections have been created, the phone will prompt you to enable the Dual Audio function.

It would help if you successfully shared your audiobooks, songs, and podcasts with other users once this functionality has been allowed.

The drawback is that if you use this approach outside of your home or workplace, you can encounter differing signal qualities, which may trigger pairing disturbances. Besides that, as long as you keep a near distance from the critical device, you should be fine.


Apple states that a single computer will attach to up to seven different headsets. So, with this business giant’s items, two sets of headphones should be a breeze.

It’s a straightforward operation that allows you to toggle on your phone’s Bluetooth signal and then wait for it to connect with your headphones.

Apple has never had a connectivity issue, but the fact that only one pair of headphones would be able to hear the sound is a problem. However, I can use a Bluetooth splitter developed especially for an iPhone to get around this.


The Mac OS is already set up so that attaching several headphones to the computer should be easy. When it comes to speakers, the MacBook accepts both wired and wireless interfaces, so you should have no trouble following the easy instructions.

The very first step is to switch on Bluetooth on your Mac, then connect it with your two headsets. Run the “Audio MIDI Software” from the “Set Up and Utilities” segment once the pairing is complete. Scan for the “+” button and press it.

Choose the option that helps you to create a multi-output unit, and then pick “Use This Device for Sound Output” after that. Then you select the pair of headphones you want to use from the list of audio equipment.

But wait, the method of adding two Bluetooth headphones to your Mac at the same time isn’t over yet. You must now pick a master computer and a slave device. Then, under “Machine Preferences,” go to “Sound” and choose the “Multi-Output/Aggregate Unit.”


The converter you purchased to pair two Bluetooth headphones with your laptop can pair them with your tv. Rather than placing the system in auxiliary mode, could you change it to SPDIF? Shift the slider to the right to do this. Link your computer to the television through the SPDIF cable.

At least two headphones should be able to attach to the TV. Now you can relax and enjoy your movie! However, if your television does not have a SPDIF outlet, this approach would not work for you. In these situations, you’ll need a Bluetooth system or gadget that doesn’t need SPDIF connectivity. Several transmitters can do this, so there’s no reason to be worried.

The ability to attach more than one pair of Bluetooth headphones has been attributed to transmitters. Its adaptability allows it to be used on computers and television sets. This gadget has a large battery capacity and a cord that can recharge the transmitter by connecting it to a USB port on the television or a USB adapter.

Place the system in AUX mode until it has been switched on. You must then attach the headset to the television headset port. If your TV doesn’t have one, you should use the RCA audio output instead. When it has been successfully paired, switch on the system and pair each pair of headphones one at a time. After about 10 seconds, you should make the connection, and you can enjoy whatever you’re watching!

Keyboard and Mouse

The most frequently linked wireless devices are keyboards and mice. It’s reasonable to ask how we can connect these two peripherals at the same time.

Can use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse simultaneously. These two devices can pair with other Bluetooth devices in the same manner as other Bluetooth devices do.

Although they both have the same Bluetooth profile, Human Interface Device Profile (HID), they don’t compete with one another and can be used simultaneously.


If you want to attach more than one pair of headphones to your computer or laptop, your device’s preconfigured Bluetooth technology can prevent you from doing so. To improve the feeble Bluetooth connective capacity of your laptops, you’ll need an external emitter.

The very first move is to buy an emitter capable of supporting at least two pairs of headphones. You must also ensure that it has low latency, increasing sound quality and reducing sound delays. The quality of the headphones you’re wearing also affects latency; the higher the rate, the lower the latency. Before you begin, make sure the Bluetooth drivers on your PC or laptop are up to date. Now let us start by switching your transmitter to transfer mode and then to the auxiliary location on the other side of the system.

The auxiliary cable is then used to connect the transmitter to your laptop physically. Set the headphones to pair mode and wait for the transmitter and headphones to connect.


Once you know how to pair Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices? Then you will find no problem. You’re good to go after you’ve attached your headphones to more than one gadget, such as your phone and computer.

The different features offered by multipoint headphones about connectivity vary slightly from model to model and brand to brand, so read your product manual carefully for exact instructions on which buttons to push and which tricks your headphones should do.

As desired, your headphones will automatically switch between the two. Whether you’re listening to music on your machine when your phone rings, the music will quit playing, and the headphones will fit on your phone.

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