How to prepare for a fight?

Some girl at school started some crap with me then she offended my family. I'm gonna fight her tommorow. What should I do? Wear my hair up? Wear it down? Any tips on how to fight someone? I'm a girl by the way.

Actually she called my daddy and acholic and said horrible things. She could have offended me all she wanted but no one. brings my family into a fight. No one.

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  • Kinda sucks you only have a day to get ready, but here is what you do tell her your not going to fight her this will confuse her a little then punch her in the nose make sure you hit her nose, the rest is up to you n how much you hate her, that should work though.

  • haha ... seems you are a little of a girly girl .. if not so much ... wth ? you are asking how to wear your hair in a fight? who cares about your hair, just keep hitting her in the LOWER ribs ... (take care you might hit the liver and kill her) and i bet you, you are not going to fight in the end ... because girls dont know what fighting means. and its obvious in your question 😛 anyway the way to fight someone till he gives up is to make him feel pain and lower ribs are one of the places that you can torture your opponent with ... good luck

  • No piercings at all. Tie your hair in a pony tail or bun. Ummm punch hard dude and keep on punching dont pull hair it doesnt hurt as much as punches lol

  • Keep your hands up. Counter punch. Don't flail. One straight jab to her nose and she'll stop fighting.

    Braid hair if you can. Doesnt do as much dmg when pulled.

  • Oh, this is a girl fight. Then its hardly serious.

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