how to prevent burning out my clutch?

i just got my clutch fixed and now i want to know how i can become a batter driver in my 6speed so i wont burn out my clutch

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  • Just do not slide it too much on take offs, like real high rpm`s then slowly let it out to get moving. Also do not use the trans for down shifting. Like when you are in 5th or 6th and the light turns red, don`t go wait for the light to turn green. Just push in the clutch & use your brakes, if the light turns green and you are still rolling you should know what gear that it should be in, Example, still rolling 15mph, that 2-nd gear, then grab 2-nd and shift from there. Etc. you did not say what make or model so I don`t know your speed to gears. Now on a semi, Loaded we have to do this to bring the 60 to 80 thousand pounds slowly to a stop so we use the gears to aid with this and it is easier and the brakes. your brakes are cheaper to replace then the clutch. I hope this will help you out some Good Luck

  • You should only use your clutch for changing gear, sitting at traffic lights at biting point will slowly wear it out, don’t coast or ride it either, infact keep your foot away from pedal untill you need it. I’m not saying you don’t do this mind. Does the clutch pedal come up fast if you turn engine off, push it to bottom and release quick ? If it comes up as fast as your foot, you are ok, if it comes up slower it could be your clutch release bearings are going or other clutch system parts not working correctly. Unfortunately driving style is a big factor on how fast your clutch wears out.

  • If you live and drive in a hilly place like SanFrancisco, you’re going to buy lots of clutches and get used to using the parking brake on hills with stop signs on them. Other than that all the folks who told you use the clutch only when shifting and don’t rest your foot on it are right. One last bit of advice, though late, is use the best quality clutch you can get. Sadly though, when that day comes when the rear main seal starts leaking, the clutch will be ruined by oil- I hope you had that seal replaced when the clutch was being done.

  • The clutch either is either all the way up or all the way down, and it is not a foot rest. Nor is it a brake. They are not for holding ones spot on a hill.

    But clutches do wear out. Mine last about 80000 miles or more. That is because I practice the above.

  • the best way i can explain this is use it only when you need it,and don’t ride with your foot no where near it,when i learned this i didn’t have a teacher i just went out on my own,get it in gear and get off the clutch as soon as possible,and try not to make sudden down shifts on it at high speeds that’s hard on it also,and when you take off let out on it and go ,don’t be slow about letting out on it,it takes time but you,ll get the hang of it,i think i went through a clutch or two while learning,good luck.

  • A new clutch will wear to a drivers driving pattern. Worst thing on a clutch is to give it alot of gas while its slipping (when its halfway out to get you going). Clutch’s are designed to slip its when you slip them more than they need to be or extremely fast is when they burn.

  • prevent burning clutch

  • Try starting out in first gear… I saw lazy people start out in higher gears. For what I dont know but I figure that its not good for the clutch.

  • Don’t ride around with your foot resting on the clutch pedal.

  • for 1 thing don,t ride with you foot resting on the clutch.

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