How to put an end to my younger brother’s video game addiction?

My little brother plays video games all day and night, basically whenever he can. He always skips his homework and never does it. The Worst part about it is the fact that he stays up all night shouting in his microphone, and I share a room with him so it’s even worse.

I always tell my parents to tell him to turn it off, and they always say the same **** “Oh he’s just a kid, let him play his games!”. I can’t even get anywhere near the computer because he starts to throw a fit and yell at me and calls my parents. He is the cause of my insomnia and why I can’t sleep. Is there any way of putting an end to his gaming addiction? or getting my parents to do something?

3 Answers

  • You end it. Take away his stuff and with your parents permission, dismantle it. He will thank you later when he has a good life with a good job. His addiction, i would say, is becoming very serious and soon, if he carries on till he is older, there will be no hope for him. Force him to do homework, and if needed, help him.

  • maybe you should go to the petstore and get him a nice puppy as a gift, he will be so busy with that nice puppy he wont have time to get on the computer

  • Video games are harmless. Allow your brother to have his fun.

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