How to quit walmart?

Hey I’m planning on quitting walmart today to go to another job, but I was wondering, if I just call them and say I quit will I be eligible for rehire if my other job turns out to be worse than walmart was?

I haven’t quit walmart yet btw, I’m just asking you guys how I should do it. I can’t do a 2 weeks notice now because my other job starts in 5 days.

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  • Unless you are quitting over some specific problems that has just came up. Tell your boss in person or write a letter… it is a fairly standard practice to give the boss at least a two week notice ahead of time that you are quitting.

    Just calling on the phone and saying you are quitting is bad manners and shows that you don’t consider the company’s need to find a replacement and it will affect you chance at getting another job with that company.

  • You need to give them some notice or you probably won’t be eligible for rehire and any time you use them as a reference they can tell the prospective employer calling for the reference that you are NOT eligible. Some employers only want a weeks notice, but some prefer 2 or more.

  • Just quit. Trust me. You don’t want to be rehired by Walmart. Go take on an apprenticeship for something or get a job at a gas station. You were tempered in the fire of Walmart. Go out and succeed in a job that will appreciate your for you customer service skills.

  • No, if you just quit, you will not be rehired. The only way is to have a notice, saying you are resigning. Preferably a 2 week notice. reason being, so that they would have time to find a replacement. and to get your last pay amount ready for you.

  • If I quit Walmart will I get my unemployment if I cannot find a job right away.

  • No job is worth that kind of stress. If you can go back to school, take some night courses etc. Try to find another job that will make you happy. It will require a lot of leg work and paperwork to find the right job. Can I suggest Nursing. Alot of townships will now help you with schooling. Nursing is a hard job, but it is very rewarding and it definitely pays better than 5.90

  • Just be a man and go in and resign. Have a letter in hand saying that you liked the people that you worked with. tba

  • i would’ve put in a 2 weeks notice prior to quitting

  • Two weeks or forget them taking you back if your new job doesn’t work out.

  • The fact that you’ve quit without a two weeks notice alone will cause you to be inelligible for rehire. You should’ve thought about this before just leaving Wal-Mart hanging. They won’t appreciate that.

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