How to redeem Sephora birthday gift?

I signed up for the Beauty Insiders for Sephora. It said in my account that I can redeem a free birthday gift. My birthday is April 1. If I go redeem it at the store do I have to go before my birthday? And do I need to buy something at the store to receive it?

Thank you for your answers.

4 Answers

  • I believe you can go a week before or a week after. It’s safest to go on your birthday. Just go to the cashier and say it’s your birthday and they’ll ask for either your beauty insider card or your e-mail. No, you don’t have to buy anything.

  • Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift

  • if u shop online u hafta buy something to redeem ur gift. if u go in the store u have like 10 days after ur bday to redeem ur gift and u just show them ur card and the gift is urs 🙂

  • If you go to the store you won’t have to buy anything, you can go to the cashier and give them your code or email and it should be fine. I did that last year.

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