How to stay drunk longer?

Last night I drank about 10oz of vodka and I was totally sober within 45 minutes of when I stopped drinking. I like to drink but I don’t want to have to drink constantly just to maintain a buzz. How can I make it last?

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  • You didn’t mention the proof of your vodka. 10oz of vodka at 40 proof (20% alcohol content) will likely lead to quickly being sober. You also need to take into account your size, generally speaking the bigger you are the more it takes to get you there. Also are you male/female, females metabolize alcohol quicker. If you are truly looking for something that will get you drunk longer pick something a little higher test for those first few shots. If it is available in your state try some everclear or diesel, both are around 199 proof and will definitely keep you "drunker" as it will take your body longer to filter that amount of alcohol content out of your system. Don’t let it sneak up on you though because if you drink that high proof spirits quickly, you can quickly end up with alcohol poisoning or way drunker than you intended to be. To the poster who said don’t drink, I would say that is the worst advice you could have given 😉 go comment in the "how can I quit drinking question".

    Source(s): Been to college, currently united states marine, over 21 yrs old, have tried both diesel and everclear and had noooooooo problem staying drunk. Cheers!
  • It helps to drink alcohol on an empty stomach, as it gets absorbed into your bloodstream quicker that way. Combining alcohol with marijuana is a safe and effective way to exponentially increase your fun, but it won’t actually get you drunker, and the nature of the high will be different.

  • Do not eat anything after you begin drinking.

    And do not get so hung up on being tipsy to forget to stoke your buzz.

    Feed it like a fire, don’t eat and smother the fire. Don’t drink too much and drown out the fire. Keep it stoked.

  • Dont eat before and keep goin 10 oz aint nothing

  • Find something to drink that you actually enjoy. then you’ll have a hard time stopping.

    Source(s): I’m a drunk.

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