How to stop self-harming? And also did my teacher go too far?

Hi. So I started cutting about 6 Months ago. In January, my teacher discovered that I did it. She talked to me about it, and was surprisingly calm about it. She thought I stopped, but I didn’t. Two weeks ago, she saw the scars and but didn’t bring it up. Last Friday after school, she grabbed my wrist and asked me about it. It was just pretty much the same talk we had in January. She made me promise to not do it over that weekend, and I didn’t do it. But I did do it the Monday after. Yesterday, she suspected that I did it because apparently I was “acting differently”. Then after school when we were alone in the room, my usually nice and happy teacher completely changed. She lectured me about this, and although she didn’t yell at me, she definitely raised her voice. She claimed that I need help because it is “out of control”. I didn’t tell her why I did it (and she was really trying to get it out of me), she told me to promise that I wouldn’t do it over the weekend. She then stood up and check my wrist. She told me she would be doing this every week. All in all, if she ever suspects I did it again, she will call the authorities (b/c of law I think).

How do I stop? I would just force myself to not do it, but the problem is that self harming helped stop my anxiety attacks when I got them. I feel like if I stop my anxiety will take over my life. And my teacher doesn’t care about why I do it. And if I tell her I have anxiety, she’ll probably call someone. Please help!

2 Answers

  • Your teacher cares about your well being. She cares about you more than you care about yourself right now. Don’t make her a villain in all this.

  • How about find other ways to deal with your panic attacks? exercise, healthy food, stress reduction, good friends, cognitive behavioural therapy, breathing techniques, medications, natural remedies, warm baths, more sleep, more sunlight…. I could go on forever.

    Rather than risking severing an artery and bleeding out to death?

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