How to stop whistling?

I have a habit of whistling and I am trying to get rid of it. Are there any tips on how to stop whistling?

Thank You!!! 😀

5 Answers

  • It is a habit. There is nothing wrong with whistling while you are working, most of the time. Tuneless whistling is highly annoying, but those who whistle actual melodies are sometimes soothing to those working near them or in the grocery store.

    Some people hum tunes and that can be just as noisome!

    When you catch yourself whistling stop doing whatever iti s that you were doing and do somethign less pleasant.

  • How To Stop Whistling

  • My best advice would be getting your mind off of the habit if you really wanna stop whistling.

  • I am a tuneless whistler — I hate myself when I realize I am doing it. I know it is annoying — how can I stop? I don’t think I do it that much around people — but, I still want to give it up. My wife is probably holding back her disdain for it. And – she will often point it out if I am doing it upstairs and she is in house………….HELP!!!!!

  • Duncan, is that you?

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