How to tell upset clientele about gratuity (tip)already added to their bill?

I am a server, and we use to not add tip on parties (6 ppl & up) until now. We got tired of Attending parties of 10 ppl or more , bills around 120$ with a 7 to 12 $ tips. So anyways some people are taking it personal how can I tell them in the best way why we add the tip or just a great answer what would you guys recommend

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  • They aren’t taking it personally, they just don’t like spending more money than they were expecting to…What you ought to do is tell them when they are making the reservation that a gratuity will be added onto the bill.

    If someone gets upset, just tell them that your bosses felt that the wait staff was not being tipped well enough for large groups, and that it is NOT a standard practice for normal size tables. If the customer is really getting that upset, just refer them to your manager.

  • the menu or the hostess is in the right place to let the people know when there are parties of more than 6 that a gratuity will be added to their bill, up front so they know from the outset they will be spending more than what they eat

  • The tipping policy should be clearly displayed at the restaurant. Most print it on the menu. If someone gets upset, do not try to “reason” with them. That’s a manager’s job. Let the manager deal with the customer.

  • Post the Service Charge Included in the Menu

  • They should be told that the bill includes the tip when they make the reservations – NOT at the party when they are presented with the bill.

    Simply tell someone who complains about it that it was a management decision and if they like they can complain to the management. You didn’t make the policy.

  • Tell them it was not your decision as you do not make up the rules for the restaurant. People often complain to the wrong person.

  • for most places a tip is a comment on how good or bad the service was

    it’s not you who gets to decide if the service was worth a tip I do and how much

    I will not go to a place that charges tips on the bill

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