How to turn on my high beams and keep them on on my 89 Lincoln Town Car?

So I have automatic dimming lights on my car but when I go to pull the lever to keep my high beams on they don’t stay on unless I hold the lever back towards me.

I got it fixed it had something to do with the dimmer on the rear view mirror

4 Answers

  • Turn the light control switch back from the AUTOMATIC setting to the ON setting.  Then they should work like normal lights. 

  • might be illegal in your state to keep them on full time. need a little more light see about installing low beam lights in front of the grill or beneath the bumper 

  • Push the lever forward to use the high beams. Pull the lever back to flash the high beams.

  • That’s how automatic dimming works, dumbass.  It protects other drivers from being blinded by your stupidity.

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