how to upgrade the displacement of yamaha mio stock engine?

3 Answers

  • There are only two ways to increase displacement on any engine.

    1. Increase the bore of the cylinder.

    2. Increase the stroke.

    1. Increasing the bore of the cylinder means you make the cylinder bigger – larger in diameter. This means you will be using a larger piston. This creates more volume in the cylinder.

    2. Increase the stroke of the piston will also increase the volume used in the cylinder. On most bikes, you cannot increase the stroke. This is because you would need a different crank. You could change to a high dome piston or a longer connecting rod, but the increase would be minimal. The domed piston and the longer crank really only change the compression ratio. You would need to change the crank so the stroke was increased through the entire range. A longer stroke uses more of the cylinder, which technically increases the engine size.

    So, the easiest and simplest way to increase the displacement of a stock engine is to bore it out larger.

  • Yamaha Mio Upgrade

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