How to wheelie Yamaha R6?

I really want to learn how to wheelie, I have a 2008 Yamaha R6. Should I pop the clutch in 1st gear or 2nd? How high in the rev range do I need to be? 

3 Answers

  • You do it the same way you did on your Schwinn Stingray when you were 13. The only difference is instead of pedaling, use the clutch and throttle. Before you start trying this, buy a bunch of tail light lenses and turn signal stalks to replace the ones you WILL break the first several times you flop over.

  • I’ve seen kids in 4th gear, doing 40, simply roll on  more throttle. then ride on one wheel for miles.

     ref: 2 on R3s  next to me  one night when I was doing  speed limit, 40,  on my CB650. I opened her up to 60 to catch them,  then  thought Better of it. I have to live until Retirement…

      Edit: Who TD Exo? He is  Actually Right. adam?

  • “Pop the clutch?” / flip over backwards / sever cervical vertebrae / paraplegic for life. No popping, dude. You wanna gradually figure out how to move the center of mass rearward, under control. Think about it.

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