how Universe is just so unimaginably incredible…we r just nothing..😳in this cosmos..!!!?

I mean some stars like betulgese and VY canis majoris are so incredicly incredibly!huge that our sun is nothing in comparison…and it has trillions of atomic bombs exploding on it every fraction of a second since billions of years..!!!!i mean just thinking about it leaves my mind paralysed..?And here on earth we consider ourselves badass and powerful just by having few atomic bombs!!!who the hell made this incredible giants and still there are trillions and trillions of them in galaxy..from where does this all energy came from..god must be one hell of an incredible scientist…😳

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  • Well, thanks for clearing that up for us. And your question is ?

    This is not a chat site for incoherent ramblings.

  • Yes we really are a tiny speck in an a tiny speck sitting in the middle of no where. And yes even our sun is releasing more atomic energy then all of the bombs on earth and all the energy we have ever created in less then 10 minutes. All of this energy is simply the release of nuclear energy from mostly helium and hydrogen atoms in the atomic fusion process which happens millions of times and will keep triggering more reactions until the sun collapses in on its self and either forms a neutron star or a black hole depending on its size. So to simply answer the question where did all the energy come from is simply in the form of nuclear energy in the atoms nuclei which holds the protons and neutrons in and ever since the birth of a star it constantly is smashing atoms together releasing this energy

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