How will the Olympics be planned in future years?

Of course the 2020 Olympics were cancelled and re-scheduled for  2021. 

However though it is still uncertain if the Olympics will take place in 2021,  (it is April 2021  as of this writing), even if the games go on in the Summer or Fall of this year,  then how will the next games be planned. What I mean is that since the Olympics take place every 4 years, then  will the next games  be in 2025 since the Olympics before then will have been in 2021 or will the games go on in 2024 since that is when the 2020 Olympics should have taken place?

Anyone know?

Who will decide? Will the original  “Even year”  pattern of the Olympics be changed to “Odd years” ?

1 Answer

  • The IOC is already on record as saying that 2022, 2024, 2026 and 2028 aren’t moving.  It’s “just” the Tokyo games that will either be held this year or get canceled.

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