How would Gatorade taste with Whiskey?

I don’t know anyone who has tried it so I thought I would ask around here, before wasting perfectly good whiskey. It’s Canadian Club Whiskey (40%) and I put in about 1 portion of Whiskey for every 3 portions of Gatorade. Also, should I use orange or yellow Gatorade? Thank you.

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  • In essence, you are making what in the cocktail lounge years would be a “highball”. Except they would use more whiskey, as much as 1 to 1. Gatorade is just another “mixer” like 7-Up or Coca Cola. The only difference is in the flavor provided by the mixer of your choice… Use what YOU like…

    My personal favorite is Kool Aid, watermelon flavor. I mix it with 2/3rds the water and 1/2 the sugar and then 1 to 1 with a large ice cubes for effect.

  • Gatorade is a horrible mixer as it has very little flavor.

    You are better off sticking with carbonated beverages like Coke.

    Even so I would drink whiskey straight up as good whiskey has a nice distinct flavor.

  • Never tried it but as a light weight i wouldnt mix it with gatorade its too watery not enough flavor to hide the whiskey taste

  • Try a third orange Gatorade a third sprite and a third whisky

  • Like crap. I have tried it.

    You might be able to find a flavor that works, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  • Don’t be stupid, it woud be awful. It is good re-hyfdrdation drink, bita poor mixer.

  • Don’t ruin the whisky!! enjoy it!

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