How would I say “much love” in spanish?

I mean like, at the end of a conversation.

when I say bye, i usually say much love

(not to everyone, of course)

I know there’s different ways to say love, so im not sure

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  • “Much love” is “mucho amor”, but you would never say it like that in Spanish…

    Instead, you could say “te amo” or “te quiero”

    Both are “I love you”, but “te amo” is a much more serious and strong word… you only use it with people you really love, like your 4 year long boyfriend, or your close family and maybe with your best friend (it depends on the person).

    Te quiero you could say it to someone you like, or your friends or anybody you love. But be aware that the quiero actually means “I want you”, so be careful how you use it.

    “Te adoro” is also an option, which means “I adore you”, but it is more common in Spanish; you almos never say “I adore you” in English. It’s also a little bit stronger than Te quiero, but good as well.

    Good luck.

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  • you mean, like at the end of a letter?

    Con amor

    Con mucho amor.

    or, as other answer said:

    Te quiero

  • Mas amor para ti — Much love for you

    Amor para ti — Love for you

    Te amo mas…aun — I love you even more

    Lo mejor para ti — The best for you

  • It would help to know the nationality of who are you writing or telling this to. A direct translation probably wouldn’t be fit for the situation.

  • okey so it is Mucho amor.

    but I say Te quiero. or Te adoro

  • “mucho amor” in literal translation…

  • “Con mucho carino” or “con mucho amor.”

    But it would be more usual to say “Te amo” or “Te quiero” (“I love you”).

  • “much love”..”con mucho amor”.

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