how would you cite sylvia plath’s poem “daddy”?

for English, I don’t know anything other than the title or author

4 Answers

  • “Daddy” is a poem written by the American Poet Sylvia Plath. It was written on October 12, 1962, shortly before her death, and published posthumously in Ariel in 1965.[1] The poem’s implications and thematic concerns have been discussed academically with differing conclusions.[2] The relative popularity of “Daddy” can be attributed to Plath’s vivid use of imagery[1] and controversial use of the Holocaust[2] as a metaphor. Critics have also viewed “Daddy” as a response to Plath’s complex relationship with her father, Otto Plath,[3] who died shortly after her eighth birthday as a result of undiagnosed diabetes.[4]

  • The literal meaning could probable be a bronze statue, weathered via the golden easy of the solar, and time. the arrival doom is probable some kind of “Armageddon,” a wave of golden warmth and easy-weight, and we as human beings ignore approximately it, quite reveling in it. The underlying meaning ought to be that humanity is desperate in it is techniques, and can’t impact its environment anymore, and basically watch the doom attitude. alongside the comparable strains, the bronze boy, humanity, recollects yet does not care, and would now no longer see through his uncaring. basically a 5 minute diagnosis. desire it helps

  • It’s a crazy poem by a crazy poet that crazy feminist, created by crazy Zionist to destroy the USA, use to explain why they have a crazy hatred of men.


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