How would you describe the taste of spaghetti?

It’s for a junior english assignment working with senses. I don’t know how to explain the taste of spaghetti.


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  • It tastes like the sauce you put on it.

  • Spaghetti Taste

  • That’s an interesting assignment. But by asking us to answer you are taking away from your own personal enjoyment (or lack of) with spaghetti. No one is going to experience the same satisfaction (or lack of) that you do when eating spaghetti.

    I know it’s just spaghetti, but I am kind of a writer and I can see where your teacher is going with this. Think about spaghetti, the texture of it in your mouth, the tastes, the temperature, the smell. Now think about your reaction to those textures, tastes, tempuratures, and smells. Now try and put that into words.

    I’ll give you a small example, and you can even borrow this. For me, spaghetti is warm and slippery, buttery, but acidic. Now keep it going.

  • Spaghetti =3

  • well are you describing it how it tastes?

    since its an english assignment and your a junior I would assume your teacher wants more than a description…he/she wants almost a poetic description…lively words than entice you to eat it and draw you towards its…not just a simple…pasta with tomato sauce…put something into it…some emotion or something

    if you want an example hit me up

  • Break out a thesaurus….

    savory, wheat-y, describe the sweet tomato sauce and its texture, along with the way the noodles are lightly oiled and with the exquisite, full-flavored, slightly spicy olive oil (assuming it’s a high quality olive oil), and the plate’s inviting warmth

  • really good. I would describe spaghetti it has a wonderful taste and smell also add a little sauce and delicious

  • A slippery, meaty tasting meal.

  • Squishy, tomatoey, noodley goodness~! lol. It kind of depends on the sauce you put on it, and any extra spices you deicide to add to it!

    If it’s plain spagetti then salty, and squishy – I mean come ON it’s spaghetti! =P

    XD Spagetti for life~

  • I use basil, thyme, sea salt, ground pepper a pinch of sugar and tinned tomatoes, and that’s all to make my sauce.

    I think it’s slightly sweet but tangy, the tomatoes add the tang by being quite acidic I suppose. =) As for the herbs, the thyme is a bitter taste, very aromatic, but the basil is a sweetish sort of herb.

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