How would you graph 4x+3y=6?

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  • First, subtract 4x from both sides–> 3y=-4x+6

    Then, divide both sides by three–> y=(-4x+6)/3 –> y=-4/3x+2

    2=b, the y-axis intercept, so make your starting point at (0,2), and then the slope is -4/3, i.e. the rise is -4 and the run is 3, so for every four spaces you move down from any point on the line (use the starting point to make the graph), move 3 spaces to the right. Hope that helps :]

  • First, make y as subject of the formula

    4x + 3y = 6

    3y = 6 – 4x

    y = (6 – 4x)/ 3

    y = 2 – 4x/3

    y = -4/3x + 2

    Straight line is y = mx+c

    m = -4/3

    c = 2

    So, it is a straight line graph. You can plot a graph with some points given.

  • first, get it in the form y=mX+c by making y the subject




    Choose values for x and then using those values, find the corresponding ‘y’ values and plot the graph of a straight line.

  • you would graph it as :

    y= 2- 4/3x

    or y= -4/3x + 2

    b/c you have to solve for y

    then graph

  • Solve for y and then graph it like you would any other line.

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