how would you graph y = -1.5x?

after creating a direct variation equation for y = 7.5 when x = -5

5 Answers

  • You would make an x/y chart. Placing different values of “x” to find out what “y” is.

    Ex. When “x” equals 0 “y” equals 0

    x=-2 y=3

    x=1 y=-1.5

    You will make a point on each of these positions and use a ruler to make a line through them.

    *Hope I helped. And I hope your mom is doing okay after that surgery.

  • Y 1.5x

  • y = -1.5x is the same as y = -3/2x

  • it is a straight line through the origin. it has negative slope which equals (-1.5).

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