How would you use “retribution” in a sentence?

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  • retribution (noun) – the act or an instance of paying back an injury with an injury

    Eg: The villain kidnapped the superheroʼs girlfriend in retribution for overthrowing his plans to destroy the city.

  • Retribution In A Sentence

  • 1. Retribution is one of the primary purposes offered as justification for the death penalty.

    2. While it has been said that vengeance is a dish best served cold, in my experience, those who most desperately yearn for retribution are often feverish to have their eye for an eye while their wounds are still fresh.

    3. The horrific, bloodthirsty lynchings of the 19th and early 20th centuries offer vivid cautionary lessons regarding the incompatibility of integrity and justice with heated, instantaneous, brutal acts of retribution.

    4. It was unclear whether we were being asked how we would use the WORD “retribution” in a LINGUISTIC sentence or how we would incorporate an ACT of retribution — inflicting an injury in payment for an injury — into a JUDICIAL sentence.

    5. Father Edmundo could find no way to see the concept of “divine retribution” as anything but a contradiction in terms; there was nothing divine about a thirst for vengeance.

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    How would you use “retribution” in a sentence?

    10 points for the first good answer.

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  • His crime was so heinous it deserved the deepest retribution society could muster.

  • jonny is seeking retribution for his sins

    how bout that

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