How’s the Philosophy going?

The study of Philosophy tries to find better, more secure (bankable) rules

and regulations just as in any other area of life and of culture.

A few words or a few hundred words within this actual philosophy

knowledge gathering realm is what is meant by the above Q.

3 Answers

  • The things we wrote are about to fade away.   But philosophy is always with us.  


    A few days ago I found out an old colleague published a novel, still doing a job we used to do and managed getting published, and he went from living in 4000 square feet too 600 in a very not posh part of town, and plans to live in a van once retired so he can simplify it more— and that discipline to his dreams impressed me.


    I’ve been salting away at things I don’t always feel passionate about, but I’m doing it for the dreams of others and maybe there is something noble in that—but probably not. 


    Life is full of choices and some of them we do not get to make for ourselves.  That’s not fate.  That’s life.  

    Anyhow, I hope your objectivity passions pan out.  Look into Cynefin model.  



  • not great really.

  • Repeated question reported. Chatting reported. YA may be going away, but the rules still apply. That’s a philosophy in many areas of life that you can take to the bank.

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