Husband likes hearing about my past sexual experiences?

Does anyone else husband or wife like hearing about your past sexual experiences?

My husband loves when I tell him about my past and likes to hear the details about how large/small the other person was, did it hurt and so on.

I admit the pillow talk does turn me on but is it normal?

Does anyone else have a partner who likes hearing about their past?

I really don’t see anything wrong with it, it’s not like he’s cheating or i am cheating he just finds it erotic that I was once a bad girl at times.

Guys love to watch porn, whats wrong with him visualizing that his wife is the star of it?

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  • I can only remember doing that once. I had my wife describe a sexual experience she’d had with another guy while we were having sex, and it was lots of fun! I think your husband is a little unusual, but I hope you won’t think he’s abnormal.

  • We both are like that. I’ve been that way since I was about 12. I always wanted to hear/see/know details about other people’s sexual experiences. When I first met my husband, we compared past sexual experiences to see who’s was more exciting. I guess it’s somewhat abnormal because a lot of people get jealous at the thought of their spouse being with someone else, even if it happened years before they even met. But in our minds, people like that are abnormal.

  • My husband would not prefer to take heed to approximately mine, and that i do no longer prefer to take heed to approximately his… yet i ought to work out the charm in somebody who’s curious. Your husband could desire to be an exceptionally safeguard guy to be attracted on your previous. i’m hoping he’s taking this suggestion and makes use of it to develop right into a greater helpful lover. in case you’re the two sexually chuffed on your marriage, then I say proportion away.

  • It’s really rather pointless, problematic and potentially harmful to speak of past sex with other men. It shows a lack of class too. I’ve never really bothered nor has my wife and now after being married for many years it’s probably a good thing we haven’t. I don’t think it’s abnormal but I do think it’s undignified.

  • I like hearing about my wifes past, and I think we both get turned on talking about it. Unfortunately in this respect, she doesn’t have much of a past.

  • My relationship with the last guy was mainly just sex, then when i got a boyfriend, the ‘past guy would ask questions about our bedroom lives, ‘does he eat you’ do you do him?” how big is he?” where have yall done it?” and just every question imagineable that one wouldnt think to ask about something like that, the question about ‘how big is he’ that was it, i was like, ‘dude are you gay?” what kinda guy asks that? then he says ‘well i know how big i am, i want to know how big he is, and how much you can take!”

    we just dont talk that much anymore, his mind is usually on my sex life anyway, and we are suppose to be just ‘friends’.

    but as for your husband, i wouldnt be comfortable talking to my bf about my past sexual stories or any stories for that matter, its in the past, and i wouldnt want him to know either, that happened between me and the ex, it should stay that way.

  • I enjoy that as well, and I am not sure why. She had a much wilder youth than I did, so I guess I wish I had done half the things she did when she was in her 20’s.

  • No, I don’t want to hear i and I don’t care about it.

    You better be careful- if things go sour someday, he’ll throw it all back in your face or try & use it against you!

  • my husband is the opposite, he don’t even want to know to what places I went fo dinner with my ex

    if he knows I wentto this particular restaurant he do not want to go there cause he said

    I will be thinking of my ex

    I think that’s crazy

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