i accidentally flushed a tampon!?

well my period was a lot heavy than i expected and when i went to the rr 3 hours after putting it in the tampon just fell out into the toilet because it was so.."used" so i flushed it im kind of worried it will clog the drain or something do you think its going to be ok or should i tell someone what happend

just for that last person to know i did read the box and it says not to flush it!! im not stupid i know how to read thats why im asking this question

but w/e i hope ur pumbing get clogged and explodes in all over your house

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  • RUN!

  • no tampons are not flushable.

    But it is possible that it will be fine- however you might want to mention it to.. Your mother? (are you a minor?) and let them know that you accidently did, so that if it does clog they will know why.

    We had one get flushed once before- and we did have to have professional plumbers come clean out our plumbing

  • tampons are biodegradable. they are meant to be flushed so you don’t ever have to worry about the mess. most cardboard tampons are made so that the whole thing can be flushed, even the wrapper! (though i would not recommend that.) It says it right on the box.

    don’t worry it will be fine.

  • tampons are flushable. Now it depends on the brand and type of tampon you get whether the applicator is flushable

    Ive never not flushed a tampon.. but i throw the applicator away

  • its fine if you just flush one by accident, it’s flushing them all the time that will cause a problem (same goes for cotton buds)

  • Tampons are flushable.

  • NO it will go down with no probs…don’t worry! It will be fine and nobody will see it.

  • your stupid, tampons are flushable. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!


    if you dont believe me, look at the box!

    re re

  • don’t worry tampons are toilet safe =)

  • tampon are like tolietpaper. so dont worry.

  • It will be fine

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