I always confuse the meaning of Mrs, Miss, Misses, etc.?

6 Answers

  • Mrs. (pronounced misses)is a married woman. Mr. is a man married or not. Miss is a unmarried female, Ms is an unmarried female a little older. Where the cutoff age is between Ms and Miss who knows?

  • Mrs Miss Misses

  • Mrs. is a married woman. Miss is a single woman. Misses refers to two or more single women. Ms refers (usually) to a professional woman who doesn’t think her marital status is anyone’s business.

    It’s it funny that there are those classifications for women, but men are just plan Mr. ?

  • Mrs (two syllables) refers to a married woman. Remember that because the two of them are married so you use the two-syllable title.

    Miss is only one syllable because the miss is only one.

    Ms (pronounced ‘mizz’ and used for any female, married or not, of any age) is the current spelling of the schoolchildren’s age-old answer to not being able to remember which teachers were married and which were not. It has only been an accepted title for less than 40 years, but kids have been mumbling it since dirt was new.

  • Mrs = Similar to Miss.

    Miss = Similar to Mrs.

    Misses = Similar to Miss/Mrs.

  • Mrs = married

    Miss = unmarried

    Misses = more than one unmarried woman

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