I am 38 yo single no children, I have live in Atlanta for past 18 years, and I feel like I am stuck here in Georgia forever. ?

I am Nurse, and I love my job. I want to experience new things and changes in my life, which state Or city would you recommend me? Thanks.

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  • If you want the East coast still How about Ocean city MD, Philadelphia PA, New York, West coast try CA! I am a RN in Danville PA, we have a top class hospital and medical facility!


  • Nurse means you are in a career where finding a good job in any location in all of America is easy.  Just put your stuff in a shipping container, get in your car NOW and hit the road.  Even little beautiful towns have nurses at a small medical center where you would also be part of the ambulance crew.  Or do the big time at Mayo Clinic in the Twin Cities, Trauma Center in Bellingham, Washington or Burn Center in Salt Lake City.  How about Montana or the Dakotas where your pay will easily put you on a small farm with horses?   The Southwest where desert sunsets take your breath away.  Alaska and your own dog sled.  Hawaii and live on a small cabin boat.  You are so fortunate.  If it makes things easier, take a friend.

  • Canada or the UK.

  • You can do your job wherever you want to live, as all cities and towns need nurses. 

    Sit down and make a list of your top 10 favorite things, then see how you can combine them.  Maybe you can pursue some more specialized nurses training and let that lead you to a new location wherever the nursing school is, then use that as a springboard. 

  • Wherever you go, don’t go to Oregon. 

  • Well good news is you should be able to find a job where ever you go.

    You really need to think about weather you want. What do you like to do.  You want a major city with culture. Do you like to fish, hike, boat.  Do you want to be near a beach or by the mountains.

    Sacramento is central. A couple hours drive (or less) can take you to SanFransisco, Tahoe, redwood forest, the beach, up in the mountains. Great weather. Downside is the cost of living. 


    Great down town area with some very nice apartments.  360 apartments are wonderful and with in walking distance from many things. Great culture, restaurants, bars, music, orchestra and sports in the city. Central. Up to the beaches by the Lake. There is the a track train to Chicago.

    Best of all is the cost of living.  You can easily afford a house.

    Chicago is a great major city. More affordable than LA or NYC. Fabulous public transportation. A track train. And Metra trains Branching out into IL parts of Indiana and Wisconsin.  

  • hello, you may like to put your plan on hold till the covid situation is more under control. Even China did a better job than USA in this situation and USA is the most developed nation on Earth.

  • It depends on what you enjoy doing and what type of cities you like. You should visit a few other metropolitan areas to get an idea, then make plans to move to the one you like the most.

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