I am deciding to buy a tamed lovebird from a breeder for 65$ and she said “*** I DO SHIP. $135 on United Airlines Pet Safe Program. “?

She expect she me to pay the fee for shipping as well right?

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  • Just think, you could save yourself the shipping cost buying birds from a local pet store or breeder.

    Yes, you pay for everything.

    What is to stop a scammer from just taking your money and you never see an animal, that has happened to a friend of mine, and not a thing can be done about it. BUYER BEWARE…

    I badly want a type of house spider like I had in the past, the cost is $10 plus shipping.

    The site is reputable, even has a live arrival guarantee but I could just as easily catch such spider when I visit friends in my old stomping ground.

  • ASK FOR PROOF IF THEY SAY IT’S TAME! Make sure there’s VIDEO evidence and if they give you a hard time about it, MOVE ON! Because $65 is incredibly cheap for a tame lovebird. It is extremely easy to get your bird to behave for the 2 seconds it takes to take a picture. Even if it’s in your hand.

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