I am in 12th……I hav my physics board exam tomorrow……how do I complete my full course in one day ?

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  • Do not listen to these guys, you are not ‘screwed’. First of all congratulations on trying to face the Idea of studying the whole thing in one day. But, it might be far beyond practical arena. Let this thought not hit you.

    You might do something that I used to do, when I had an exam and I had to complete lots of portion in one day. I used to work out the most important chapters first. Once, I made the selection I used to see how many marks could get me through. For example, on most of my exams it would be 40 marks. So I aimed to study for 60 marks in the paper, so that I would get anywhere between 40 – 60 depending on my presentation.

    To study for 60 marks, I used to look at old question papers, call my friends that are a better at writing notes than me and do such other stuff that could give me an idea about what would I need to study for 60 marks. Once when I was done, I used to just blindly browse through all those chapters and then try to remember something from what I browsed. Then I used to mug up as much as I could in the remaining time and the next morning and leave for the Exam. This is the best advice I can give you…

    Note: I never studied the whole portion in one day. I am just trying to make you look at this in a more optimistic way. I, in no way encourage anyone, that seriously wants to pass or get good grades to study one day before the exam.

  • dont waste ur time in anything else. just focus on ur course . do the thing which u know better first . and then touch other topics. physics sucks man. remember that u have only a day . dont waste ur time . be confident . and do take atleast 5 hrs of sleep b4 the exam.

    al the best

  • Go and study as much as u can, and try to pass instead of wasting ur time at the internet… and get some importance from friends.

  • Go and study as much as u can, and try to pass instead of wasting ur time at the internet…

  • ppl r unable to do it in a whole year and u r talking about one day….dude its phy!dad of all subs

  • Well we both are screwed Bro…

  • Lol you’re screwed.

  • Jerk off..and get back to studies..

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