I am unable to find the berth number and coach number for the following PNR? can anyone help? 6417099060?

3 Answers

  • Your Ticket is E Ticket so they will not allocate any coach number and berth number until the chart is prepared.

    Note :

    * Generally the Chart is prepared 4 hour’s before the departure of Train.

    * for Morning or Late Night trains the Chart is prepared 1 day before till 9 P.M.

    so check your PNR on 12 Feb 2013 around 9 P.M

    you can SMS or call to 139 for PNR status

    PNR <10 Digit PNR NO> to 139

    or visit this link


  • When you booked your ticket its status was RAC 26. Now this is confirmed but the Coach/berth No. will be allotted during chart preparation. This will be done on 12/2/2013 at about 8 PM because Train No. 12262 Howrah-CSTM Duronto Express departs from Howrah at 08:20 Hrs. You cannot know this prior to chart preparation.

  • It was RAC earlier.

    You can know the Berth number just 4 hours before the train starts.


    give your PNR before 4 hours when the train starts.

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