I cannot open some files attached to emails sent me – “xisx” a nd “jpg”. what soould i do?

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  • Are you sure that these attachments came from people you trust, and don’t contain viruses? A jpg file is a picture, you shouldn’t have any problem opening it. An xlsx is a spreadsheet for the latest version of Excel or Microsoft Office. If you don’t have either of those you can use Open Office.

  • You really should not open file attachments sent with eMail, even (or especially) from people you know, unless you are reasonably sure that these were intentionally sent by that person.

    Also, it’s hard to answer your question because you fail to elaborate on why you can’t open your file attachments. Simply saying you can’t do something doesn’t help pinpoint the problem – the biggest clues are often 1) what you did and 2) what happened as a result. Did you get some pop-up window telling you that the file couldn’t be oƿє-ṅєd?

    Is this a problem specific to a few files sent to you, but you are otherwise able top open other similar files? The files may have been corrupted from the start. There’s nothing you can do.

    I checked the file-extensions website and found no hit for an xisx file extension.

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  • i have an xisx file send by my freind but i cant open it.what should i do to open xisx file.can u suggest me a software which helps me to get rid of my problem…

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