I can’t stop beating my dog?

i am 13 years old and my name is Matt. I have a black lab who is about 1 1/2 years old.

I get this certain feeling when I see him it is a cruel feeling. I feel like he needs to suffer but I know that he doesn't need to so I wait for my parents to go to work then I take him somewhere and yell at him, he gets scared and I call him a stupid dog then kick him to the ground he tries to get away but I had a leash on him and pull him towards me. One time it was raining really hard and I went outside and tied his leash to a stake in the ground and watched him freeze and since he only had a little bit of leash since I wrapped it he couldn't lay down, he was out there for an hour. After the rain stopped I dried him off, scared and cold he rested his head on my leg. I petted him feeling bad.

The next day I picked him up by his hind legs and pulled him up so he had to walk on his front legs like an unstable wheel barrow I would push him forward and he would struggle to keep his balance. Then I would knee him, kick him then flip him onto his face by throwing him. I would call him a worthless beast and leave him there. An hour later he tried to sneak in so I kicked him and violently wrestled with him and punched him. I felt so bad and vowed to never harm him again. But the next day I got that feeling and began to beat him again each way more cruel than the last. i feel so bad and I can't stop my parents aren't abusive and I'm not bullied at school. I just feel like he needs to suffer..,

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  • Please, don't do this to this helpless dog!! What did it ever do to you?

    Please, read this. Talk to your parents about this. Millions of people in the world have anger management issues, we're human. But being human means being strong enough to get help instead of letting this go on. You dog loves you, he/she forgives you and rests her head on your leg and cuddles with you even after this goes on. Do you really want that love to go away? If this keeps happening, your dog will become afraid of you, and you will scar the poor thing for life.

    Before this gets any worse, please get help. I can tell you want this to change because you posted this on here, so please do something to change it. You are strong enough to do this. Whenever you get the feeling, leave the room that the dog is in and try to forget about it. Take your anger out on a punching bag or pillow. Hit yourself so you know how it feels (this may sound awful, I know, but it's what you're doing to this poor dog. You shouldn't actually do it because it isn't good to hurt yourself either, just think about it. You don't deserve it, and neither does the dog.) Talk to your parents about wanting this to change. You don't have to tell them about hitting the dog if the thought makes you not want to say anything, just be honest about these feelings you are having and tell them you want to talk to a doctor to bring an end to this. Let them know that this is serious. They have medicine and people you can talk to to make this better. Trust me, I know how hard it can be to get rid of a mental issue, I suffered from extreme anxieties and depression, but it will make you feel so much better about life and about yourself.

    You can end this. Please, try as hard as you can to make this better. If it helps, I believe in you.

  • Although I`m sceptical about this being a genuine question I have known events like this to be true and especially among adolescents.

    The desire to hurt and be powerful over a living creature can be overwhelming for some immature youngsters.

    YOU need to confide in an adult you can trust and get them to make an appointment with a psychiatrist/ behaviour consultant and get some treatment for this behaviour.

    The dog is an innocent animal who does not deserve this abuse and be aware that one day the "worm may turn" (so to speak) and the dog could very well turn on you in defense and injure you badly. Then the dog will be blamed and put to sleep, all because you are not strong enough to control your cruel outbursts.

  • You got to stop this. I just created this account to share you a story about my dog. I have a 2 year old St. Bernard named Angel, she is like a kid to me and I would hate to see her get hurt,she had an abusive owner and she has nightmares and gets really scared sometimes. You need to stop doing this NOW if you don't, you can seriously scare and harm the dog. You have got to listen to everyone. If you don't stop this you can get in trouble so please stop it and talk with a parent or even a friend. Just stop and love the dog.

    Thank you

  • This is troll Bullshit. If it's not don't publish your name, plenty of people your age would kick your *** if they knew what your doing to this innocent animal. You're a worthless piece for ****. Go play on the freeway.

  • Wow....... that's one of the saddest things imaginable...... let's hope this is a bad joke.

    But actually - if you study psychology, you do run across horrible things like this. Life is very hard for people who have been abused very badly.

  • Assuming you're telling the truth, you should give your dog away and your parents should take you to a psychologist.

  • You need to talk to someone mabe see a consler or find a way to releave your anger tell your parents you want to get rid of the dog if you didnt own the dog it would be better for both you and the dog.

  • When you die kid, the same will happen to you for eternity and it will never stop.When you think it will stop and you will have happiness, you will be kicked, punched, and yelled to be inferior for eternity to be tortured. I think I will tell my parents to help me, so my soul isn t tortured for eternity..... Eye for an eye. Also , it sounds like you have way too much time on your hands. Get on your bike, play baseball after school, take up hockey. Find something to do....

  • not an answer-sorry- i have the same problem and would appreciate if someone could actually give an answer instead of saying that purposefully hurting a dog is wrong-we know this-so please stop saying it

  • Buy a punching bag. Hit that. not the harmless dog

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