I caught my boyfriend with my brother?

I caught my brother giving my boyfriend a bj. They didn’t know I saw them. I’m not sure what to do. I kinda think it’s hot and maybe I would like to do a threesome. How should I bring this up without causing them embarassment?

its not nasty he’s really just my stepbrother

we done stuff before

its not nasty he’s really just my stepbrother

we done stuff before

its not nasty he’s really just my stepbrother

we done stuff before

10 Answers

  • IF you want to do a threesome, I would recommend your bf and another guy preferably not your brother, but if that is what turns you on, then go for it.

    I would tell your bf that you saw them and tell him that you thought that it was kinda hot and that you might want to do a threesome, but just a forewarning, alot of realtionships end after a threesome or swapping. There is something that happens when you see your significant other having sex with somebody else or visa versa.

    One more thing, take precautions if you are going to have sex. Unless you want to get pregnant. It sounds like you are still in high school and getting pregnant now would basicly stop all of the fun that you have too look forward to.

  • 1-800-96-Jerry. As in the Jerry Springer Show.

  • I think your boyfriend used you to get to your brother – If you want a threesome – to each his own – just use protection !!!

  • im certainly one of 6 – 2 older siblings and 3 youthful. they have walked in on me on each variety of activities – they comprehend. in line with risk its awkward for u – understandibly so yet purely tell them what u have been doing. they properly do it in some unspecified time interior the destiny of their existence.

  • first of all a threesome with your brother and bf? are you mentally stable?

  • Is your mind mentally okay?

    because if it is okay, you wouldn’t think of doing that*.

    I’m sorry if I offend you in any way..

  • I call Bull$hit

  • that would be incess stepbrother or not. your boyfriend is with you to get to him, pretty soon you will be totally out of the picture…

  • that is so nasty!!!!!!!!!! i would dump him. why would u wan ta 3 sum with ur brother??

  • um ewwwwwwww

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