I do not understand this popular vampire joke?

what do you call a vampire who’s car breaksdown three miles from the bloodbank; A CAB

or what do you call a vampire that needs to go to the bloodbank,


i dont understand how thats funny?


oh em gee

now i understand…

it still doesnt make sense…

the joke would have to be said

what do you call when a vampire’s car breaks down 3 miles short of a bloodbank

this is the stupidest.. joke.. -.-


8 Answers

  • You call a cab so he can get to the bloodbank I guess.

  • Vampire Joke

  • It doesn’t actually name the vampire Cab, both times the Vampire has a Cab “called” for him. It is just a play on words.

    What would you call for a Vampire who needs a ride to the bloodbank? A cab/taxi

  • You have to call a cab so he has transportation. It’s funny because a lot of people would try to think of a name or something.

  • you would not call him a cab because if he is a vampire he would turn into a bat and fly there

  • its actually telling about the blood group..A & AB..dont if there any C blood group….but then this joke still aint funny

  • good one

  • so not funny…………….:(

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