I don’t get the quote “If peeing in your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.” in the movie Billy Madison?

Haha I love that movie, but I don't get that quote. What did Miles Davis do?

6 Answers

  • Miles Davis was a really cool jazz musician, so the quote means that this person pees in their pants a lot.

  • What the old lady meant was that if peeing her pants was cool, then she's the coolest around. Miles Davis was a jazz trumpeter in the middle of the 20th Century. He was a cool guy. Hope that helps!

  • Its really a question of knowing who we're dealing with here. I love to mention that I have Billy Madison as a great dancer...I can't live without my penis

  • He is a cool singer


  • He's Quacktastic!

  • How do you not get this???

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