I don’t have a printer/scanner. How do I send a copy of my driver’s license online to a company?

My phone is of no use for this.

I don’t have a smart phone.

10 Answers

  • I go to my local pharmacy and copy it on their copier.  Chances are good the company had a FAX number and you FAX it along with your resume (the pharmacy also has a FAX machine as they get orders from Doctors.  So Faxing to the company can be done right there…as you have their Fax #.   It will cost you a couple bucks to do everything BUT THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT.    That is the old fashion on line system.

    If they do not have that, then they are cheap Bass Turds.  Probably do not really exist.

    Move on.

  • Delete System32, that worked for me

  • Write a very descriptive poem about it.

  • If you don’t have a phone (Wow!) get a friend or family member to take a photo and send it on your behalf.

  • take a pic on your phone.

    or go to your local Library.

  • your local postal service store [UPS or FedEx, not the PO] has such a device.  not at all sure i’d want to be sending my DL to some random outfit anyway === ID theft risk

  • Many libraries have scanners. You could also go to a FedEx Office and use one of theirs.

  • Either take a photo of it and send that, or go to a place that has the necessary equipment. 

  • Do you have a cell phone. Take a picture of your license and send it. 

    Staples or Office Depot might be able to fax it for you. 

  • Even my flip phone can take a picture.  Not that I’ve ever used it.

    Do you have a digital camera on your smart phone? 

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