I downloaded a bubble blower for my Sims 2 game, what category would it be in?

because I can't find it.

yeah, I installed it.

I don't mean where on my computer, I mean what section in the buy mode in the Sims 2?

5 Answers

  • The bubble blower came with the Sims 2 game, if its a recolor than it will be where the things for a party is, go to buy mode, click miscellaneous then click the balloons, it should be in there. If its not in there then look in decorative under all.

    BUT make sure you put it in your game. If you downloaded it from tsr then go to your download folder and check to see if its not one of their many zipped file within a zipped file. Remember, downloads need to be unzipped in the download folder in order for them to show up in the game.

  • A well internet site is the only underneath and what you must do is move to it, then and signal up for a unfastened account! after you have performed that, move to seek underneath sims two. Find a down load which there are plenty of, after which click on the fairway down load button. it'll down load, then move by way of the stairs and on the finish, it will have to say downloaded to the sport. Run the sims and say take delivery of to the customized content material after which it will have to be within the residences bin, if its a condominium, or within the construct or purchase menus whilst gambling the sport. Hope that helped!

  • Make sure you installed it.

  • just click all on the menu and scroll.

  • hahahahhahaha... you mean yu don't know where you saved it to? you should have saved it to your desktop... but if you weren't paying attention you probably saved it to my documents.

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