I feel ashamed of crying.How to cope?

6 Answers

  • Its totally ok and human trait that you cry.Feel normal about this.But yeah try to lessen this.Try to think of positive things and friends and people you have in life,talk to them

  • feelings are nothing to be ashamed of.. tears are brought from sadness and joy alike.. its a natural condition…let them flow

  • Never be ashamed of your tears it shows you have a heart.

  • then ju not living for yourself

    does soemeon hav a camera on ju? N0

    so ju got rights to your private moments…and even if they are looking, fuq em…

    they r probably watching cos they locked up many tears inside emselves….n don’t know how to release………

  • just repeatedly tell yourself its alright to cry and remember that everyone cries. its all normal. it may take some time to get used to it, but itll happen.

  • Blame it on the onions

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