Okay, so I'm being told you can't forget how to swim...

B.S. I have pictures of me swimming in a 6 foot pool when I was like 8 years of age. BTW I was like 3"5 back then. I swam until I was like 11, then I stopped.

Yesterday, me and my friends went swimming, and I jumped in and nearly drowned.

So, how to I regain this skill? I'm 17 now BTW.

No, nothing happened to me, but no one believes me. This is BS. I effin have a pictures of my swimming in 6 foot pools, and I know for a fact that my head would be underwater till this day since I'm 6'1 now. I didn't have anything to help me swim other then my hands or feet. So yeah...

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  • You can't forget unless you didn't learn it well enough the first time. When you were were younger, do you only remember being in a pool and like having fun (i.e. splashing around) or were you actually swimming (i.e. back crawl, front crawl,ʙʀᴇᴀsт stroke) without flotation devices?

    Did you learn how to tread water? When you jump in a pool, it usually requires some form of water treading.

    If you have actually swam before, then just go to the pool a few times (begin in the shallower areas) and practice your skills. However, if you still don't feel confident, a swimming instructor (whether private or public) will help loads.

    GL 🙂

    Source(s): Lifeguard; Swim instructor
  • Push that damn water downwards!

    In the meantime, just flounder around in the shallows. Learn how the water works, and you'll wean into it eventually.

    You don't need to be jumping into the deep end to learn how to swim. All you need is time.

    A suggestion is to get a stick shaped floatie, or something similar, and get someone to hold onto one end while they pull you around the edge of the pool while you hang on. I guarantee you won't drown. If you get scared you can just grab the edge.

    Don't do anything stupid that will make you afraid of the water, as that's the last thing you need.

  • It's not impossible. Same thing happened to me. I lived with my god parents for years and went swimming with them all the time. They don't believe in floaties or holding noses either. I was a damn mermaid. Well, my real mom doesn't know how to swim and so she never took me (well once) 10 years later I jump in and almost die. It's ridiculous.

  • Okay...

    Were you wearing swimmies at 8 years of age? This may be a factor as you are probably not wearing swimmies at 17.


    Are you considerably obese and unable to lift yourself under water? If so, this may cause your density to pull you under water.


    Water is made up of H20 molecules, so when you're in the water you have to think about how you're pushing down on millions upon millions of super-microscopic atoms that are virtually weightless. But when you stack enough of these molecules on top of each other to create a lake, or a swimming pool, or an ocean, the weightlessness of those molecules decreases as the mass-to-space ratio increases.

    I hope this answer helped! Good luck!

  • Hahaha! do no longer trouble bout it. 😉 See if there is everywhere which you will prepare. YMCA in line with possibility. I you do no longer prepare a minimum of in undemanding terms slightly, that place at the back of your head (forgot what this is referred to as lol) could "forget approximately" your technique and you will ought to do it thoroughly extensive conscious of what you're doing. Is that what you mean? in step with how plenty extra time you have in the previous testing, leme understand in case you desire any techniques for gadgets what to coach on in the previous-hand so which you will have some velocity under your belt and not in undemanding terms technique. it quite is important too. lol

  • haha how do you forget

    what you can do is take swimming classes or just go in the pool not so deep and try to swim idk how peopl cant swim nowon taught me and im a excellent swimmer i just saw people swim and i did the same thing and know i can dive like 30 ft and stay underwater for like 2 min

  • Impossible. Its like riding a bike. Or swimming.

  • Go and try again and again because "where there is a will there is a way". so keep it up Dear!

  • By any chance, did you hit your head really hard?

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