I forgot what my password was for a while since I wasn’t logging on…?

Whenever I seem to write it down I forget where I left it (I’m very forgetful), and if I don’t, I forget it all together and have to create a new one while always staying logged in isn’t the answer since Yahoo answers logs you out after a certain amount of time, is there any better way to remember my password?

3 Answers

  • Some people keep notebooks or lists with their password info, stored in a specific place at home. If your computer is quite secure, you could also simply keep a typed list of password info saved on your computer. Additionally, there are also software programs that will retain all your password and login info for all sites you visit (e.g., RoboForm). Many browsers can also be set to store your password information, although if other people also use your computer they would have access to that info as well. 

  • This is how to change, recover, or reset your password: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN27051.html

  • Either use a password manager program or use your Mom’s middle birth name.

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